Sunday, September 9, 2012

Diminishing Budget, Math, & a Makeover

According to Mission: $100 Closet, I have $100 to spend until August 27th, 2013.  Last Friday, that number decreased to $92.02.  That's right... if you're proficient at math, you know that I spent a whole $7.98.  I'm not good at math, so I was sad when my frugal and math-proficient husband pointed out that I'm only 3% done with my mission, and I've spent almost 8% of my budget.  Hmm... Ariel. No. Like. Math. 

Despite this discovery, I am still thrilled about my accidental purchases.  You see, I was leaving the doctor's office and passed by a Goodwill.  My sister-in-law had just texted me a couple AWESOME lamps that she found at her Goodwill, and I thought how cool it would be if this Goodwill had a similarly amazing find.  It didn't.  I consoled myself by looking through the clothing... I'm glad I did. 

My Goodwill Outfit
OKAY, I didn't buy this ENTIRE outfit from Goodwill for $7.98...just 2 things.  This silky black top and THIS purse:

The leather purse was a little vintage, but it was clean inside and in great take it home, I did!  Before I wore it though, I gave it a little update.

First, I taped it off and sanded it a little with fine grit sand paper.

Second, I wiped it down with a wet cloth and then a dry cloth.

Third, I made a mixture of half-water and half-paint (acrylic).  I painted 3 thin layers on the leather with this mixture.  The water is supposed to help the leather absorb the paint without cracking over time.
Finally, after it dried, I painted 2 thin, even coats of plain acrylic paint.  Notice that I didn't paint the back portion of the purse that would rub against my clothing.  I was afraid the constant rubbing might wear the paint off the purse (and onto my clothing).  In the picture below, you can see the brush strokes.  I promise in person it is brush stroke free. 
The Final Product: $2.99 total
Here's the outfit altogether:

Shirt and Purse (Goodwill $7.98), Necklace and Bracelet (gifts from my grandmother), Jeans (Abercrombie: from high school when A&F was Da', Shoes (Nine&Co)

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*Have you found any amazing deals lately or updated a vintage piece?

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  1. I really liked the outfit.
    How did you learn what to do to change the color of the purse? That is hot.

    Okay, and now I get it. You are serious.
    You mean to only spend 100 dollars for the whole year.