Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fringe: A Love Story

You might already know that Zara is my favorite store.  My husband tries to stay clear of cities with a Zara for this reason.  When I lived in Japan, there were 2 Zaras near my house... SCORE!  Now, there is 1 Zara about 1 hour away.  Let me demonstrate why Zara rocks....
2012 Spring/ Summer FRINGE Collection
Now, let's backtrack to the summer of 2010.  I bought a skirt at Goodwill in the States for $1.50 (no pictures, sorry!).  The skirt was about 4 sizes too big and hung to my ankles.  I took it in, but it still looked awkward.  I hemmed it to my knees, but it still looked a little "grandma-ish".  I never wore it.  Finally, I decided to make it a "going out" skirt and hemmed it a lot shorter.  I did the outside first, and then I was inspired by Zara (above) and decided to fringe the liner and keep it long.  Bonus: It's pretty hard (for me) to hem liners, so it's also a short-cut.
Tank (Loft), Skirt (Target via Goodwill), Gold Purse and Shoes (Target), Bracelet (Banana Republic Outlet), Necklace (Ann Taylor)

I love this lace-like necklace!  If I could wear it with everything, I would!

I love it so much that I'm looking for more old skirts to fringe.  Is that weird? 
P.S. Can you fringe a winter coat? No?  Darn.

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