Hi. I'm Ariel.
This is how I feel when I go shopping and buy stuff...

I'm married to Moneyman.  He's frugal, REALLY frugal.  He doesn't like shopping so much.  I'm a military wife. This naturally means that I speak with super cool military lingo and go around saying words like "bulkhead", "cover", "rainlocker", and "civies".

It also means that I refer to my self-imposed challenges as missions. This blog started with one of those missions. Normally, these missions are much smaller in scale, like Mission: Wet Cats, which involved washing both of our cats. See? It takes a little challenge(although I think washing a cat is more of a big challenge) and dramatically transforms it into something Tom Cruise or Daniel Craig might do.

Pics from: Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise

Anyways, THIS is Mission: 100 Dollar Closet.

Time Period: 365 Days
Price Limit: $100
Mission Description: I cannot spend more than $100 on anything that adds to my closet within the allotted time period. I'll be posting pictures of my outfits, including any thing I do that creatively streeeeeetches my current wardrobe.

Disclaimer: This is not a fashion blog. It's a fashion experiment. It's also an experiment in simplifying my life. Finally, it's testing the sanity of a shopaholic (me) that shops as a hobby, as a stress reliever, and as a reward.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment or even join in on Mission: 100 Dollar Closet!

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  1. Sounds exciting! :) Question: Is your mission not to spend more than $100 all year long? Or each month you can spend that much? Or no item can be over that much? Want to know more because this sounds like such a great idea! :)

    1. Thanks for the post! I'm spending $100 all year long on clothing (or trying to anyways). It's deifnitely helped me realize what pieces I actually "need" in my wardrobe, specifically basics, rather than just purchasing random items frequently (which I used to do ALL the time). :)