Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

On week nights after work, my husband and I have a tradition of walking along the beach near our home.  It's a great time to connect, talk about our day, and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.  We just moved here from Japan.  We used to walk around the city that we lived in, look in stores, and karaoke.  It's fun to make new traditions every time we move! :)

Dress (T.J.Maxx- $5), Shoes (Kohl's)
I love these sandals.  I actually bought a few pairs of this sandal, because I wore the first pair so much.  It's a light pinkish tan color that matches almost every outfit.  Now that I'm working on Mission: $100 Closet, neutral pieces like this are life-savers.   

This is my town!
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