Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Game Day Dress

College football season is upon us!  This weekend, Moneyman and I will be meeting up with some fellow alums from our college to watch the first game of the season.  Unfortunately, I don't have a t-shirt from my alma mater, since I threw most of them away long ago.  Living in San Diego, I can't exactly buy a t-shirt locally for my college (Purdue University in Indiana).  More importantly, I only have $100 for a year to spend on clothing and a $20 college t-shirt is NOT how I want to spend that money.  So... I had to get creative.

Moneyman was a swimmer in college, so he has a plethora of old college t-shirts.  He was kind enough to give me one of his old shirts for my use. 
A little big for me...
Now, what to do?  I've seen a lot of cute t-shirt tutorials on Pinterest, but I've also seen some amazing game day dresses.

I loved this one, but I have a hard time keeping strapless dresses up.
Found here.
 I also liked this one from Etsy.
Found here.
 I decided to try to make my own dress using Moneyman's t-shirt, but I'm terrible at following directions.  I decided to just cut, take pictures along the way, and hopefully it would turn into something cute. 

 I LOVE IT!   Tutorial will come soon!Pin It

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  1. Loooove it! That's how I do every project, wing it!