Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Make a Dress More Versatile

Many stylists say that separates are better than dresses.  Separates can be pieced together in several combinations to create more outfits, while dresses make 1 outfit...usually. 

I love dresses.  If you travel a lot, you probably appreciate dresses too.  One dress packs much smaller than two separates.  Dresses get a bad rap for versatility, but I'm here to say that they ARE versatile.  They can be worn in lots of different ways.  Proof:

I bought this dress long ago at H&M, but it just was't working for me.  In fact, it was tossed in a basket after my Cleaning Out the Closet post.
Too Tight, Too Short, Too Young
I rolled the dress up into a top and PRESTO!  A cute tank that pairs well with my silk dress skirt.  If the skirt was flowy and loose, I could have just tucked the whole dress into it. 

"Top" (H&M), Silk Skirt (thrifted in Korea), Jewelry (Banana Republic Outlet), Purse (here), Shoes (Nine&Co)

I liked this necklace so much, I thought you needed a close-up. :)
The dress can also be worn as a skirt...just top it with a t-shirt and VOILA!  I probably wouldn't wear this exact pairing ever (the dress is SO short), but on backpacking trips I have gotten pretty desperate!  Let's pretend my hair in this picture is just me pretending to be on a backpacking trip. ;)
Note: When I mention backpacking trips, I don't mean hiking mountains and camping (although I'd probably wear a skirt or dress for that too). ;)  Moneyman and I love traveling around the globe.  Being young, we take advantage of youth hostels, and we only carry our small backpacks... no matter how long the trip will be.  Versatility is KEY!
T-Shirt (Zara), Sandals (Candie's)
Since this dress is a little too short for me, I decided to pull it down so the neckline was around my waist to make it longer. MORE VERSATILITY!!!
*So, does anyone else wear their dresses in lots of different ways or am I just weird?
Maybe don't answer that... ;)
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