Friday, September 7, 2012

From the Classroom to Dinner Out

This outfit took me from the classroom to a celebratory dinner with my husband.  It's a secret what we're celebrating, but I was able to toast it with wine... so you can cross one thing off the list. ;)  Of course, I didn't wear the low cut tank top in the classroom.  I wore a long sleeve black top, since classrooms are ALWAYS cold...and arm pits in the classroom are inappropiate (and gross).  It's much more appropriate to show arm pits at a nice dinner! :)
Tank top (Zara), Skirt (Bought at an Out of Business Sale for $4 when I was a Sophomore in college... it's been altered a few times!), Shoes (Zara), Gold Cuff Bracelet (Banana Republic Outlet), Purple and Green Silk Clutch (a stall in Thailand)
 By the way, did you notice anything different about my hair?  If I had taken this picture in the morning, you would be like "WHOA! You are having a great hair day!"  After a few hours in a classroom, my good hair changes a little.  I decided to try out the "Coconut Oil in the Hair" craze, and I have to tell my curly-headed sistas: DO IT!  YOU WON'T BE SORRY!  Well, actually, do it if you have *dry, *coarse, *frizzy, *thick, and *unmanageable hair.  If your curls are soft and thinner, it might make your hair a little oily.  Meanwhile, my super dry hair sucked the oil up and felt better than ever! 

So here ya go (in case you forgot already):

On a side note, I also tried the whole "Coconut Oil as a Deodorant" craze.  What?  You don't read Pinterest?  It's a real craze, I think.  Warning: That experiment was a FAILURE.  I might just be a sweaty beast though... :(

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