Sunday, September 9, 2012

Red and White

My husband and I dedicate our Sundays to church and errands.  This weekend I wore red and white for my errands.  Normally, I would prefer this outfit with some nude heels (umm...I prefer everything with nude heels), but practicality won over so I opted for flats.

Red & White Top (Promod), Jeans (Abercrombie), Necklace and Flats (J.Crew), Gold Bracelets (Dollar Store), Purse (Mango)

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  1. I adore the red! It is just such a great colour and great casual outfit on you.

  2. Okay seriously, how cute are you? You look ADORABLE in that outfit. LOVE the jeans, OBSESSED with that shirt. Is Promod a website? LOVE!

  3. Thanks! Promod is kind of like Zara. It has a website, but it's way better to hit up the stores in a large city. :)