Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cleanin' out my closet 2: Leftovers

Update: See some of these pieces updated here.

Since starting Mission $100 Closet, I've already upcycled a few pieces of clothing in my closet.  In my first post about cleaning out my closet, I mentioned that I pulled out several items that I might upcycle or just reimagine somehow to stretch their use.  How?  I don't know.  I took somewhat organized pictures of these items. Why? I also don't know.  Maybe someone will look at this post and be all like: HEY! I have a great idea of how to change that 4-sizes-too-big-for-you-skirt into something amazing!

Here's what I'm working with:
Skirts and Pants


Blouses (I've actually worn the striped one in this post... I realized just tying the bottom made a huge difference.)

Old "going out" shirts from college

Old "going out" dresses from college

Button-down tops

More blouses

Most of these items are too large for me now.  I started lifting weights in December and lost a lot of body fat.  Meanwhile, other items just aren't my style anymore.  With a little creativity (and a lot of pinteresting), I just might be able to upcycle all of these items. 
*Have you done anything "pinteresting" lately?  Any upcycling or just cleaning out your closet? OR do you have any ideas on how I can reimagine some of these articles of clothing?!?!
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  1. like those blazers!

  2. Thanks! I just wish they fit me. :)