Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hi. I'm Ariel. 
This is how I feel when I go shopping and buy stuff...

I'm a military wife.  This naturally means that I speak with super cool military lingo and go around saying words like "bulkhead", "cover", "rainlocker", and "civies". 

(If you know what these words mean, you must be a military spouse or actual military person.  I imagine you know more about these words and others like them than me, so be my friend and teach me!  If you don't, well google them and impress me with the other words you find online.  I'll use them next time I talk with the MoneyMan (aka my husband), and he'll be so impressed.)

It also means that I refer to my self-imposed challenges as missions.  This blog started with one of those missions.  Normally, these missions are much smaller in scale, like Mission: Wet Cats, which involved washing both of our cats.  See?  It takes a little challenge(although I think washing a cat is more of a big challenge) and dramatically transforms it into something Tom Cruise or Daniel Craig might do. 

Pics from: Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise

Anyways, THIS is Mission: 100 Dollar Closet.

Time Period: 365 Days
Price Limit: $100
Mission Description: I cannot spend more than $100 on anything that adds to my closet within the allotted time period.  I'll be posting pictures of my outfits, including any thing I do that creatively streeeeeetches my current wardrobe. 

Disclaimer: This is not a fashion blog.  It's a fashion experiment.  It's also an experiment in simplifying my life.  Finally, it's testing the sanity of a shopaholic (me) that shops as a hobby, as a stress reliever, and as a reward.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to comment or even join in on Mission: 100 Dollar Closet!    Pin It

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  1. Hi,

    I'm just wondering is it that you can't spend more than 100 dollars per shopping trip or for the whole 365 days.