Friday, August 31, 2012

Cleanin' out my closet

Anyone else start busting out the Eminem lyrics?  "I'm sorry momma!"  I'm actually apologizing to my real momma.  She's a bit OCD, and when she sees the pictures of my messy closet... when she sees that not all of my hangers match... when she sees that the "after" is still not as organized as her "before"... well..."I'm sorry momma!  I never meant to hurt you!"

 Here's the before:
Things that bother me: My cats are obsessed with that window.  I have to keep the blinds up, so they don't destroy them.  Do you know how many times I have forgotten that the blinds were open and walked in there after my shower to get dressed? umm... too many.

Another view of this side of the closet.

The other side of the closet.
Things that bother me: The general messiness. The fact that it's overflowing with things I don't wear. The general messiness.
And finally the AFTER...
Can you see the difference?  Yes? No? Yes?
 My husband immediately thought I was nuts. 
OK, I covered up the window with shelving.  I know that is wrong, BUT our neighbors were getting an eyeful....often.  It feels more like a walk-in closet now than it did before.   

I organized a bit too... see my pretty belts below!

I'm actually so relieved to have this done!  I "rediscovered" a few items that I had forgotten about.  Now, I actually know what I'm working with for the next year.  I also took this opportunity to remove some items that I never wore, mainly because they don't fit me any longer.  Those items will pop up in later posts, because I have big plans to recycle some of them into new pieces of clothing!
*Is anyone else cleaning out their closet?  How about cleaning out a litter box? No?? 
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