Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inspiration & Day 1

Inspiration AKA Name-Dropping like a BOSS:

1. First, I stumbled across The Twenty Pieces Project.  These girls are awesome!  They lived for 1 year with 20 pieces of clothing and no shopping. NO shopping.  That's some serious cold turkey.  Now, they inspire others to do the same.  Having just moved from Japan though (and living in Spain prior to that), I really need to Americanize my closet a I opted for a frugal budget.

2. Next, I found this gem: Putting Me Together.  She reworks items that are already in her closet to create new outfits.  I've been doing this for a long time (especially after living in countries that I couldn't always find items that were my "style"). She does a way better job than I do (apparently a jean jacket with your old prom dress does not dress it down- whatevs), so she inspires me daily.  Bonus points: She also lives in SoCal.

3. I've been reading Cotton and Curls for a while.  I loved her at first, because she provides easy sewing tutorials (I love to sew).  Meanwhile, it recently hit me that her projects help stretch her closet, since she reworks so many items that she already owns.  Pure. Brilliance.  I'll definitely be channeling her when I need to rework and restyle items that I already own. 

So thank you to the ladies that have inspired me.  My husband, MoneyMan, also thanks you.  You see, he is a frugal guy... he is LOVING this mission (and doubting my capability of holding to it).  I love proving him wrong... :)

Anyways, today's outfit is pretty basic.  I had to run a few errands and then I had a teaching interview (HOLLA!).  I didn't want to wear 2 completely different outfits, but I also didn't feel like walking around in a black suit all day. 

Top: The Limited, Skirt: thrifted, Gold Flops: Reef, Bag: Coach 

Suit: Macy's (on clearance with an employee discount- from my college days), Gold Heels: thrifted, Jewelry: gift

I love this jewelry! It is so unique.  My mom gave it to me to match a gown I was wearing to a wedding.  It is definitely different from anything I usually wear, but it's whacky and fun!
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