Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Haircut and a Camera

I gave someone a haircut this week.  Actually, I gave something a haircut this week.

These were cool back during the "gladiator sandal" trend.  I bought them for $5 at a store in Japan, so don't judge me too much.  Unfortunately, I only wore them once (with a costume).  I'm sure you can imagine why...

They were taking up valuable real estate in my closet, so they either had to go or change.  Since I'm doing Mission: $100 Closet, I can't really afford to buy new sandals.  So, I decided to give them a haircut and see how they look.

Guess what?  I like them!  Best part:  they were my EASIEST refashion ever.  They took me about 5 seconds to cut.  I even wore them to work the morning that I did it.  Yeah, I did this one morning while looking for a pair of flats to wear with this outfit. 
Orange Shirt (Banana Republic Outlet), Navy & White Skirt (thrifted in Japan), Jewelry (Francesca's)
Also, my title mentions a camera.  WHY?  If you can't tell, my picture quality is terrible.  Sure, it could be the rushed morning self-photography, BUT it's an old point-and-shoot camera.  I'm super excited that Moneyman (aka the frugal husband) and I spent this weekend shopping for a DSLR.  We've narrowed it down to 2-3 favorites, so we want to read a few more reviews and shop around for the best price.  Anytime we spend more than a couple hundred bucks, we spend A LOT of time researching it.  Hopefully, my next posts will be shot with a much nicer camera!

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